# Environments

S1Seven provides different services environments, operation modes and Blockchain networks aiming to fulfill different use cases. This section decribes these environments and outline which one you should choose.

# Blockchain Environment

Environment Network Operators
Production network bcdb.thematerials.network Users and initially S1Seven
Staging network test.bcdb.thematerials.network S1Seven
Development network dev.bcdb.thematerials.network S1Seven


The nodes behind dev.bcdb.thematerials.network are deployed for testing purpose and are reset daily at 4pm. This allows developers to execute test runs at least once a day with the same data set.

The certificate-service calculates the hash of the certificate and checks if that hash has been already notarized on the blockchain, this process might not behave as expected in Development.

# Service Environments

Environment Service Purpose
Production app.s1seven.com Live operations
Staging app.s1seven.dev For users to test the setup of integrations
Development app.s1seven.ovh For developers building and testing integrations

# Wallets

In each service environment two operation modes are allowed, test and live. The test mode relies on software based wallets and should be used for development, evaluation and testing purposes, whereas the live mode involves HSM based wallet, deployed on demand. Those modes can be seen as contexts under which blockchain related resources (wallets, identities, nodes) are scoped. For each mode, a company can create one wallet and will automatically interact with the corresponding blockchain environment.

Service environment Wallet/Mode Wallet quality connected Blockchain environment
Production live HSM Live
test Software Staging or Development
Staging live HSM Staging
test Software Development
Development live HSM Development
test Software Development

For the setup of HSM wallets the following naming convention is used as a prefix to generate deployment URLs:

Environment Convention Example Company Example
Live Super Metal AG super-metal-ag-production
Staging Super Metal AG super-metal-ag-staging
Development Super Metal AG super-metal-ag-development

# Process for Integrators

Integrators building applications on top of the S1Seven API which are delivered to customers, are expected to develop their integration against the staging development.

# Process for Users

Users are installing and using applications. The proposed process is to install the application on the customers production system and execute the acceptance testing in mode test against the staging blockchain. Going live is then simply switching the mode to live.